Do you look at a starry night sky in wonder an awe? Are you fascinated by the cosmos and objects in our sky?

Then you might be interested in our Blue Mountains Star-Gazing Tours! Utilising a high powered portable telescope you will be able to see distant celestial objects in unbelievable detail. Our special adaptor will allow you to take photos through the telescope from your smartphone and some digital cameras.

Whats visible?

  • Jupiter and various orbiting moons
  • Saturn and its distinctive Rings
  • Lunar surface in incredible detail, including mountains, impact craters and valleys.
  • Distant constellations and stars
  • Take your own smartphone images through the telescope

Booking Information:

  • Tickets Prices: TBA
  • Tour Timess: TBA
  • Astronomy Tours will be available to the public and cabin guests.

Astronomy Tours are coming soon and we are asking for expressions of interest. Please sign up below to our dedicated star gazing newsletter and you will be the first to know when the tours are available.

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