Set on a historically significant private wilderness property, our short guided tours offer a glimpse into the spectacular and wild Wollemi Wilderness.

Take a tour through an ancient rainforest canyon where moss covers fallen trees like a thick velvet carpet. Wild tree-ferns sprout out of the rich soil, often illuminated by a burst of sunlight breaking through gaps in the canopy. Walking past elaborate buttress root systems and thick hanging vines the tour meanders along beside a gentle creek as it descends downward into the gorge. Mesmerising lyrebird calls sing above the sound of running water – a kookaburra, a cockatoo and then a myriad of other imitated bird songs. Everything is damp and there is new fertile growth everywhere in this lush environment. The air smells clear and fresh with vitality.

What a change from the city!

Vantage points along the walking track let you peer out across the deep Bowens Creek ravine for an intimate experience of the Wollemi. Looking almost directly down upon the rainforest canopy you will learn about the different types of rainforest flora varieties and their sought-after timber products - a demand that nearly devastated some species in the past. You will also experience how the rugged terrain of the Wollemi was an impassable barrier which “locked-out” early logging attempts and preserved the towering Turpentine trees still visible today.

Did you know?
Earlier pioneers settled on this very property in the early 1820s - 1830s. Convict built roads, graffiti, water powered saw mill and quarry sites are still evident in various locations on the property, over 200 years later.

These dramatic scenes and soundscapes of the rainforest will transport you into another world not often visited by humans. Our friendly and informative tour guides will help you discover the secret places of the rainforest - its history and natural heritage.

Rainforest Walking Tour Information:

Cost: $75.00 per person
TOur Size: Maximum 4 persons
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Difficulty: Medium Fitness Required
Start Time:  Varies - mostly afternoon tours
Location: Near Mt Tomah/Bilpin
Meeting Point: See Tickets for details
Cost (Child): Contact Us
Provided: Water


Enclosed shoes

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